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  1. SarahW Says:

    Thank you so much for this trailer. I’d love to see the full documentary someday, though I’ve no idea when that’ll happen since I don’t get around to film festivals much. It was fun to see the August 2006 footage from the podcast at the NYC Union Station bookstore. Thanks for letting me use your gaff tape that day to lay down our mic cables! You’re a lifesaver.

    - SarahW from Leaky

  2. Tony Picknell Says:

    I have to say, I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world I read the books and watch the movies sure. I like Harry and the Potters, it’s true. But I’m not a fanatic.

    However, what I could see from your trailer alone… looks like something utterly breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and totally phenomenal. I’m sure you guys truly, and completely captured the fandom and are going to show the world what Harry Potter fans are all about. There’s something behind it all, and this documentary is going to show the entire world what these people are all about.

    I’m excited. Can’t wait to see it some day… Unfortunately I can’t be at SXSW. I’m going to keep tabs and find my closest opportunity.

  3. John Says:

    I would love to go to the SXSW but I can’t come because the TAKS test is that day, if the movie ever comes out on DVD than I’m sold. The trailer is amazing, I love it when they start playing “Dumbledore” which I happen to have on my iPod now. The movie looks great, if you are ever in the Houston-Beaumont area, I’ll be there, in costume probably.

  4. ninjaa Says:

    thats AMAZING.

  5. Dan S Says:

    oh wow, this is really stunning, too bad I live no where near the festival or have any money or else I would be there in a shot, if you ever brought it out on dvd though :)

  6. izzzy8 Says:

    i hope i hope i hope i get to see this someday! go take sxsw by storm!

  7. Lucero Says:

    this awesome guys, to recreate the fandom world is as fantastic as create hogwarts world. im really excited about it. i’d love to be near the festival place, but since i live in peru, is a problem to assist :C

    ANyway i want to have the dvd once is out, so our peruvian potter fandom could enjoy it. so let me now-

    i love you so much you rock!!

  8. Effex Says:

    Hey guys, I just found out about the movie but was blown away by the trailer. I’ll be at SxSW to check this out, hope I can get a seat for it. I’ll bet it’s going to be packed.

    I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan but my girlfriend is and she was really excited after I showed her the trailer. I’m already stoked!

  9. Miles Says:

    Great work Josh and Gerald! I hope you get distribution.

  10. chelsey clay Says:

    I just have to say, the way you embody our emotions, and what we are passionate about, is absolutely amazing.
    Many people make fun of us wizard rockers, because we’re “believing in something that doesn’t exist”; but the fact of the matter is, we created this. We turned the book into our own world, and you capture that so well.

    I really wish this was on DVD, or some sort of take home product, I really would love it.

    So, thank you! Thank you so much for doing this.

  11. Bobby Says:

    Holy CRAP this better get to Portland. If the trailer was this amazing, the movie must be EPIC WIN.

  12. MH Says:

    This gave me chills, I hope I can see it eventually. Are you putting out a dvd? I’m pretty sure I won’t have a chance to see it at a festival or in NYC.

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